FBP - Family Business Platform© analyzes and evaluates the family businesses to identify their needs and potential, it is ideal for users interested in learning about the dynamics, needs and areas for new business opportunities for their clients.


FBP© is a multi-dimensional platform, conceived by IURCOVICH, through a database management system and custom loadable on-line, allows you to process individual organizational diagnosis for an unlimited number of clients.


The direct on line loading allows you to identify specific information on family businesses:

  • the potential for growth and development of entrepreneurial
  • the organizational structure
  • the hierarchical pyramid and the actual division of roles
  • the family context and the level of harmony / conflict of family members
  • the prospects for generational continuity
  • the risk appetite of 'entrepreneur
  • the unmet needs
  • the demand for new services / products


The database is fully adaptable to the user's needs, offering an immediate information about the potential demand for new products / services, organizational and decision-making on the dynamics and evolution of the family business.


FBP©  is designed for banks and financial intermediaries, private fund managers, insurance companies, agents and insurance brokers, business associations, consumer associations, suppliers of services / products for companies, Accountants.



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